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Meet Antony

Entrepreneur, educator, developer dedicated to helping change your life

Pedagogue, graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Worked as a Data Analyst at Petrobras RN. Education Public Servant and Social Assistance Technician. Web designer. Entrepreneur and Developer of Creative Interactive Spreadsheets - PIC. Motivated and inspired by renovating practices for personal and professional development. 

Come with me

Are you tired and discouraged at work? Do you feel that you don't have the deserved value and that leaves you down or down? Think about changing jobs and are afraid, wondering if you are making the right choice? You don't know if you'll have the emotional conditions to face the new, the unknown and prefer to stay where you are? Have you planned over and over again how to make the change in your life, but always feel that you're not good enough and keep putting it off? Or have you done everything and your business doesn't evolve, doesn't advance, doesn't improve?

In addition to all this, you want to have a more peaceful life, doing what you really like and feeling satisfied or satisfied with your work, seeking the long-awaited professional fulfillment, financial independence, more free time for you or for your family?

If your answer is yes, to one of these questions, I have great news!!!  

I'm developing a training, a way to help people like you to unlock their thoughts and move forward with quality and security in the big change of your life, the true UP of Virada. With a focus on administrative and emotional management, I seek to develop positive strategies in your decision, taking advantage of and stimulating your potential, so that you enjoy your work.  

I know you don't know me, my name is ANTONY PERSIVÁ and I want to invite you to participate in a TOTALLY FREE session. That's right! In this session, I will have the opportunity to present my work and you will get to know the most practical way of how I can help you. And rest assured that it will be a pleasure, because my desire is to make your life easier. 


About Career Transition

What is a professional career and what is a job? A seemingly simple question, but many come to me with some confusion, confusing the two, in a way that causes difficulties in the growth process.

While the job is the exercise of the function, the career is something more subjective, more intimate, more personal, it has to do with your anxieties, dreams, desires, it can be built from childhood or only in adulthood. It can change over time and this change can happen for a number of reasons.

It's wonderful when the two, job and career, go together. It generates satisfaction, fulfillment and, consequently, happiness. As a lawyer, who always thought about helping people. She has the desire in her heart and for that she will build strategies to improve, but she became fond of nutrition, when she managed to change her body and her quality of life with adequate exercises and studies, understanding that in her diet she achieved significant changes. So, at this moment, she finds herself in a situation of changing her job, not her career, as she will still help people, but in another way, being able to still enjoy what she learned in law school.

It is at this moment that we find it difficult to change, to act, to outline our goals and plans for change.

Montanhas nas nuvens

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“I have no words to say how much I'm loving this new process! And I'm so grateful to Antony for his amazing work and how he manages to make it all so magical from start to finish in every encounter. to say with certainty that it was the best choice I made this year, to participate in all of this! Gratitude🙏🏻♥️"

Joice Medeiros
Natal, RN


"Antony is  more than a service provider, besides developing my website - I follow all the progress and constantly report my digital presence, besides giving great motivational tips ,”.
I strongly recommend , great professional
  and fulfills as promised."

Patricia Azevedo


"Knowing the work of Antony Persivá was decisive for the beginning of new
prospects for insertion in the market and dissemination on social networks of my
literacy methodology. Antony Persivá is enabling me so that I
use all social media resources to communicate with my
target audience and, gradually, can make my purpose viable."

Carmela de Mattos

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